01_The Shoreline, A Necropolis for Waste

Students: Malek El Shafie & Nathan Bozinoski

Exploring the spatial practitioners Cooking Sections, we adopted their methodology in our approach to investigating the Beirut shoreline.

The creation of the Beirut limestone shoreline is through the process of compaction, erosion, and deposition. Each of these processes a grain at a time, showing that even the smallest grain can have major impacts in identifying the nature of a shoreline as this large series of networks.

However due to Beirut’s waste crisis we can see how the restructuring and overpowering post-colonial effects have filtered their own processes into the makeup of the rock, inevitably causing the death of the shoreline. Burying its remnants and becoming part of the process we see this restructuring affect both the human and non-human as the natural environment is affected and so is the social use of the Beirut shoreline.

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