_Beirut From a Distance

Monday April 20 2020
The Green Line - An introductory lecture presented by Dana Marjan. 

Tuesday April 21 2020
The Wall - A Short film followed by Q&A with filmmaker Odette Makhlouf. 

Wednesday April 22 2020
War Piece - A conversation with  artist Jad El Khoury. 

Thursday April 23 2020
Designing Through Urban Obstacles - A presentation with Tessa & Tara co-founders of T Sakhi Architects.

Friday April 24 2020
Writing As Architecture - A discussion with architect, artist and writer Raafat Mazjoub.

Thursday April 30 2020
Writing Histories: Collecting The Ephemeral - A lecture hosted by architect, urban researcher, and artist Saba Innab.

Tuesday May 5 2020
Master’s Tools: Heuristic Aesthetics and Other Decolonial Tactics - A Lecture hosted by interdisciplinary artist Nolan Oswald Dennis. 




Dossiers: Cities Under Surveillance is a three-year-long project which explores the systems of control that govern, regulate and mediate urban public space. Contemporary public space is contested as it is controlled through powers, both concealed and exposed. This illusive nature of security and surveillance detaches public space solely from the bounds of geographical location, to be read in relation to broader systems of control. Public space is now a territorial question.

Concerned with reading public space as territories under transformation, the first instalment of this studio scanned Sydney and Johannesburg as cities under surveillance, exposing and responding to the colonial legacies of control. Dossiers: Cities Unde Surveillance II will travel to Beirut, Lebanon to question the role of security and surveillance in a post-traumatic context. Stricken by a long history of conflict and consequently, a period of amnesia, Beirut is the battlefield for cultural and political action.


01_Virtual khan


Site: Beirut               

33.8938° N, 35.5018° E
Timeframe: 11/04/20

Methods|Evidence: Mediating Distance, Dormant Fiction, Active Fiction, Constructed Realities,
                                      Staging, Rehearsing Memories, Desires


Site: Nejmeh Square       

33°53'47.6"N 35°30'16.0"E
Timeframe: 1914 - 1933

Methods|Evidence: Nijmeh Square, Control, Layers, Fragments, Loss, Blurred Identity,
                                      Architecture, Rebuilt, Reconstruction, Heritage, History, Corruption,                                                   Contradiction, Strength, Colonialism, Archaeological, Historical, Ruin,                                                 Object, Building Form

03_The Spectators

Site: Martyrs’ Square       

33°53'46.9"N 35°30'25.9"E
Timeframe: 2020

Methods|Evidence: Fairuz, Concert, Women, Violence, Patriarchy, Military, Uniform,
                                      COVID-19, Isolation, Balcony, Curtains

Site: Burj al Murr, Beirut

33°53'43.1"N 35°29'47.2"E
Timeframe: 2020 - FUTURE

Methods|Evidence: Embodied Memories, Abandoned, Expose, Territory, Power, Political Monopoly,                                                                     Reconstructed, Presentism, Acknowledge, Substantiate, Ambiguous Explorations,                                                               Identity, Coexistences

Site: National Museum of Beirut

33°52'42.4"N 35°30'54.3"E
Timeframe: Present, 20 years, 100 years, 200 years

Methods|Evidence: Anxiety, Dismantle, Erasure, Retake, Reconstitution, Liberate

Site: The Pink House

33°53'51.7"N 35°28'18.7"E
Timeframe: Four Days, 1882-2020

Methods|Evidence: Water, Light, Filtration, Decay, Exhibition

Site: Zaitunay Bay,The Dalieh & Ramlet Al Baida, Beirut               

33°54'08.7"N 35°29'52.8"E
Timeframe:  1920 - 2020

Methods|Evidence: Limestone, Shoreline, Financialisation, Erosion, Ecology, Science,
                                      Human vs Non Human, Anthropogenics, Colonisation, Plastiglomerate,
                                      Waste Crisis, Formation of Rock  

Site: The Hotel District, Beirut                 

33°53'59.0"N 35°29'42.0"E

Timeframe:  October 1975 - March 1976

Methods|Evidence: Preservation, Perspective, Drawing, Optics, Panoptical, View, Image,
                                      Line of Sight, Occupants, Power, Authority, Documentation

Site: Martyrs’ Square, Beirut             

33°53'46.8"N 35°30'25.8"E
Timeframe: 1960 - 2020

Methods|Evidence: Ear Witnessing, Sonic, Audio, Sound, Visual, Image, Mute Witnesses,                                                   Protest, Leakage, Sonifying Evidence

Site: The Egg, Beirut             

33°53'36.2"N 35°30'21.6"E
Timeframe: 1990 - 2019

Methods|Evidence: Diagram, Tools, Language, [mis]translation, [mis]reading, Discourse,                                                    Resistance, Occupation, Preservation, Trace, Receipt, Systems 

Site: The Barakat Building, Beirut          
33°53'12.9"N 35°30'29.8"E
Timeframe: 1924 - Current

Methods|Evidence: Fiction, Ontology, Thingness, Archival, Chimera

Site: The Hippodrome, Beirut             

33°52'39.0"N 35°30'42.3"E

Timeframe: 6 minutes from 29 May 2020

Methods|Evidence:  Performance, Projection, Body, Street, Wall, Ritual, Material,
                                       Public Space, Occupy

02_The Hidden Demarcation Lines 03_The Silent Echoes 06_This chair is not taken 06_This chair is not taken 05_The _____ Collection. 01_The Shoreline, A Necropolis for Waste 04_Plot 987: Surfaced Phantoms of the Egg 01_ The Shoreline, A Necropolis of Waste 01_The Shoreline, A Necropolis of Waste 00_Exhibition Map a virtual exhibition 01_The Shoreline, A Necropolis of Waste 01_ Virtual Khan 02_Attractive Deception 03_The Sepctators 04_Four Modes of Sousveillance 05_Curating Decay 06_Pipes of Light