02_The Hidden Demarcation Lines

Students: Betül Dursun & Ziheng Wang

The project aims at preserving a historic event, through the Historic district in the Minet El Husn

neighbourhood in Beirut in between October 1975 and March 1976. An urban battle opposed theleft- wing pro- Palestinian Lebanese National movement against the right- wing Christian National Phalanges Party. The battle is preserving, for its instrumental role in shaping the urban rift that divided the city of Beirut during the Lebanese civil war.

After the battle in this district, a demarcation line, and a no man’s land split Christian Right- Wing dominated East Beirut from Left- wing dominated west Beirut. We are interested in investigating the invisible demarcation lines created through the 5 months of battle in the Minet El Husn neighbourhood through the notions of the events with the point of view this specific site provides to us. Using the method of technical drawing of perspective. Our aim will be outline and reveal the hidden demarcation lines that the hotel typologies are creating with the change of occupant of the space.

The station point of the perspective is pointing out the complexity of architectural space and the power. The power of authority or the power of its occupants and how this mutation of the architectural elements propagandises the image of events.

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